Welcome to my Website!

This is strange i have never done this before

This is for foryine so if you dont like it then leave

i love fortnite and i will be puting news and ideas for the game

i will also put links to diffrent websits so you can see some other stuff to witch is about fortnite

This is my link https://scratch.mit.edu/users/blayde55/ hope you like my stuff

I like fortnite and i like minecraft it is one of the worlds time killing games but then fortnite is one of the most games that make people rage

did you know that fortnite were ment to put a jetpack in but they stoped the codeing for it because it got to confusing to them. But they are now going to put more guns in but they take more codeing than a jet pack.but then it is game creators that make the choses can you let me know on scratch please.

I like games and i like xbox

My xbox 1 game tag is BugunMonkey305


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